Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Singer Chinmayee dubbed for Karthika Nair in "Ko" Movie

Singer cum Dubbing Artist Chinmayee
Singer Chinmayee is now becoming one of the hottest dubbing artists in Kollywood. She is lending her ‘voice’ to a lot of heroines who can’t speak properly in Tamil. The latest we hear is that Chinmayee has dubbed for Karthika Nair, the debutant heroine of KV Anand’s Ko.

Karthika plays a fiery investigative print journalist Renuka, who teams up with a news photographer played by Jeeva and break a big story with political ramifications. When contacted, Karthika, daughter of popular yester year actress Radha says “I’m happy that Chinmayee one of my favourite singers dubbed for me. I’m born and brought up in Mumbai, and I can speak only a smattering of Tamil. Renuka the character that I play in Ko speaks in Tamil and English, and Anand sir was very particular that it should come out perfect on screen.”
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