Thursday, February 24, 2011

Asin Bikini Match To John Abraham Appeal

Get set to drool. Over Asin, that is. Close insiders squeal merrily that if all goes well, Asin might well indulge in, ahem, a good show of skin. In a one piece bikini, flashing her oomph to match the sensual appeal of John Abraham who will show up in shorts for the flick that also toplines Akshay Kumar. In her aim to revv up the saucy quotient aesthetically, Asin will sport a swim suit crafted by Aki Narula in the Sajid Nadiadwala produced venture and has reportedly, taken to performing exercises and yoga under the supervision of a personal trainer to slip effortlessly into the demands.

Confirming the slurpy news, Nadiadwala states in a quote, “Since the film is being shot in locations such as Greece and Italy, swimwear is necessary for it all to look authentic. John will, of course, hog the limelight, but Asin is also working hard to measure up to him.” Adds a close source, “Several test shots will be conducted for that particular sequence and only when everybody is satisfied with the ‘look’ will the final shot be filmed. But the team is very confident about Asin stealing the show because Asin is one of the most attractive faces around and nobody has seen her in a bikini before.”

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