Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lara Dutta behaviour With Press At Goa

Mahesh Bhupathi & Lara Dutta
Whoa! What’s this we hear? The buzz over their high profile nuptials have hardly died down. And Lara Hesh are reportedly thick in the midst of a media ban over their rude attitude! Word has it that the scribe tribe is majorly rankled with tennis ace Mahesh Bhupathi who has netted ample animosity over his behaviour with the Press at Goa. Reportedly, when lensmen requested them to pose for pics, Mahesh ticked them off blatantly stating, “Who called you here?” Funnily, he had no problem when fotographers clicked him in the midst of his playing tennis with his pals.

A disgruntled lensman, on grounds of anonymity says, “We were very well behaved and no one had gate crashed. We just stood outside and requested them to pose for us, but Mahesh just took off on us! We have no problems with Lara, but we are planning on boycotting the couple.” Another rankled shutterbug too bares his ire stating, “If Mahesh did not want to pose in his wedding finery, then why bother to pose for pictures while playing tennis? We didn’t travel to Goa to see him play? We’d come for the wedding pictures. Probably, Lara and Mahesh intend to sell their wedding pictures to some magazine. But all said and done, Mahesh has done himself no good with his rude behaviour.”

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