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Poorna (Shamna Kasim) Profile | Filmography | Movies

Poorna (Shamna Kasim) Profile | Filmography | Movies
Shamna Kasim popularly known as Poorna is a South Indian actress and a model who has appeared in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam movies. She was got into media when she was competing at Super Dancer on Amritha TV.

Poorna made her debut with the Malayalam film 'Ennittum' in 2004. She has later appeared in malayalam films like December, Pachakuthira, Ali Bhai and College Kumaran. Eventhough most of her movies in Malayalam were unsuceessful, she got offers from Tamil.

In 2008, Poorna made her debut in Tamil with the popular film 'Muniyandi Vilangial Moonramandu'. She became popular with that film and after that she doesn't have to look back. Now she is appearing in Tamil and Telugu films.

Poorna was born in Kannur, Kerala. Her upcoming movies include Vithagan, Arjunan Kadhali, Aadu Puli, Adigaram, Vellore Maavattam, Kulai Thozhil and Naran in Tamil. 

Malayalam Movies

    * Ennittum (2004)
    * December (2005)
    * Pachakuthira (2006)
    * Bhargavacharitham Moonam Khandam (2006)
    * Ali Bhai (2007)
    * Flash (2007)
    * College Kumaran (2008)

Tamil Movies

    * Muniyandi Vilangial Moonramandu (2008)
    * Kodaikanal (2008)
    * Kandhakottai (2009)
    * Drogi (2010)
    * Vithagan (2010)
    * Arjunan Kadhali (2010)
    * Aadu Puli (2010)
    * Adigaram (2010)
    * Vellore Maavattam (2010)
    * Kulai Thozhil (2010)
    * Naran

Telugu Movies

    * Sri Mahalakshmi (2008)

Kannada Movies

    * Josh (2008)

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