Friday, January 28, 2011

Ranbir is better than Imran says Aamir Khan

Well, he's unabashedly made politically incorrect statements in the past, and made headlines for it, but when it comes to calling a spade a spade – Aamir doesn't step back. And he doesn't spare his friends and family too.

Not even his favourite bhanja, Imran. Whether you like it or not, in the creative space, Aamir has no biases, and he surely cares a damn about being diplomatic. It was evident when zoOm caught up with the actor for an exclusive interview. When asked who is better actor – Ranbir on Imran, he promptly said, "I love Imran, but Ranbir is a better actor." 

Ouch, did that hurt too much, Imran? C'mon, you can't sulk for too long with Mamu now. And remember...he'd also said that you're a lambi race ka ghoda. That's not too bad for a compliment, right?

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